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What is a Smart Product Feed™ ?
What is a Smart Product Feed™ ?

Dynamic feeds that display the latest content a product has been tagged in.

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A Smart Product Feed is a dynamic feed for product pages that automatically displays the latest content the product being shown on the product page template.

Smart Product Feeds can only be assigned to Product Page Templates from your Shopify Theme.

To set up you Smart Product Feed:

Go to the TikShop Dashboard and on the menu click "Smart Product Feed"

Then, go to the Shopify Admin → Online Store → Customize Theme → Go the product page template(s) the Smart Product feed is assigned to.

Add the TikShop App Block wherever you'd like the feed to be displayed. For any product assigned to this template, when being viewed this feed will populate with content the product is tagged in.

On our demo store, you can see we've added the Smart Product Feed directly in the product details and as its own section below. You can check it out here.

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