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Adding TikShop feeds in HTML
Adding TikShop feeds in HTML
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To add a TikShop feed with HTML, please follow the steps outlined below.

When adding a feed with HTML, you will still need to make sure you have created a feed within the TikShop Dashboard and assigned that feed to the page template.

Step 1: Create an empty <div> an id tikshop-container (you can name this anything, as long as it matches in the script in step 2).

<div id=“tikshop-container id”></div>

Place the empty <div> in the html where you want the feed to show up.

Step 2: Update variables in generic script.

<script src="{template_name}&template_suffix={template_suffic}&shop={shopify_shop_domain}&container_id={container_to_inject}" type="text/javascript" defer></script>

In the generic script above, replace all liquid variables (template_name , template_suffix , shop , container_id ).

To walk through an example of this, let's use the TikShop Demo store ( :

Let's assume we want to add the feed with HTML to the page.default template template. In this case, the variables would be

template_name -> product

template_suffix -> default

shop ->

container_id -> tikshop-container

Once we update the variables, we get the below script.

<script src="" type="text/javascript" defer></script>

Once you have your customized script, copy and paste the script anywhere in the html (same file where the empty <div> created in step 1 is).

Step 3: Save your file, make sure a TikShop Feed is assigned to the page template, and your feed will display!

If you have any questions feel free to contact our support :)

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